Rules Description

Supplementary Tournament Rules

If necessary, changes to tournament rules will be posted on the website. These changes supersede those in this document and will be considered as the most current.

Competition Management

Team Leaders / Managers can contact the tournament administration at any time via email:

Competition Rules

The tournament administration has the right to decide outside or even against the rulebook in special cases to guarantee fair play. ALL final decisions are to be made by GAM3.ASIA.

Confidentiality Rules

The contents of emails or any other correspondence, written or otherwise, with GAM3.ASIA officials are strictly confidential. The publication of such materials is prohibited without the written consent from an GAM3.ASIA official.

Contact Means

The principal means of communication are email, telephone and WhatsAPP. Team Leaders / Managers will be appointed as the contact window for his / her team. Teams must be contactable at all times by tournament officials.

Team Line-up

All registration information provided by teams should be accurate. GAM3.ASIA officials reserve the right to penalize any player or team who provides false information or is found to attempt to / or intentionally deceive.

Team Composition

Each team must consist of a minimum of five players, and a maximum of one reserve player. If for any reason, a team has less than 5 players during the tournament, it will be disqualified from the competition.

Player Replacement

Teams may submit player replacement applications up to one week before the tournament via email:

No changes are allowed once the tournament has started.

Competition Qualifier

Age Limitation

Competitors who are below the age of 16 should seek parental consent.

Game Account

Players must use the STEAM ID and nickname provided during registration. No switching of accounts are allowed throughout the duration of the tournament.

Player’s Repeated Registration

Each player is allowed to play for only one team. Players that repeatedly register in multiple teams will be disqualified from the competition entirely.

(Note: The repeated registration of a team is allowed, but the team line-up cannot be changed. The new rules are as follows.)

Team’s Repeated Registration

Teams can register in competitions of different districts and countries as long as no member of the team is replaced. If the team line-up is changed in any way, only the first registration will be accepted.

Suspension and Disqualification from the Competition

At any stage during the competition, player who does any of the following conditions will be disqualified from the competition.


Any player who has been banned by the Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) system or has been suspended by the game publisher is disqualified from the GAM3.ASIA competition.

During the tournament, any player caught using software that is deemed unfair will be disqualified from the tournament immediately. The players’ team will ALSO be immediately disqualified and both team and player will be banned from all future GAM3.ASIA tournaments / leagues.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

This includes but is not limited to the following.

  • Involvement in esports gambling
  • Physically or verbally abusing a tournament admin or player
  • Intentionally delaying or disrupting a match
  • Attempting to deceive a tournament admin


At the discretion of the tournament admin, players may receive a warning for either a rule violation or his / her unsportsmanlike conduct. Each TEAM is allowed a maximum of 2 warnings. Any TEAM that receives a 3rd warning will be disqualified from the competition.

Competition Procedure

Gathering Time

All players must log in to the GAM3.ASIA tournament system 15 minutes before the scheduled timing and enter the appointed match lobby. If a team does not arrive at the scheduled time, referees have the right to impose a one map loss penalty.


Teams will be given 15 minutes to set up / warm-up. Unless there is an unexpected technical issue, failure to be ready within this time may result in a formal warning.

Drivers / Config

Players are NOT ALLOWED to download and / or install drivers on their own. This will result in an immediate FORFEIT win for the opposing team. (If players require help setting up their equipment, they may approach a tournament admin)

Map Pool








Map Selection

Teams will do a coin toss to decide if they are either Team A or Team B.


Team A starts the process and the order of the ban / pick is as follows:
1. Team A removes two maps.
2. Team B removes three maps.
3. Team A removes one map.
Remaining map is being played, team B decides the sides on this map.


Team A starts the process and the order of the ban / pick is as follows:
1. Team A removes one map.
2. Team B removes one map.
3. Team A picks the first-played map, team B decides the sides on this map.
4. Team B picks the second-played map, team A decides the sides on this map.
5. Team A removes one map.
6. Team B removes one map.
The remaining map is played as a decider, if required, the sides on the map are determined by a knife round.


GAM3.ASIA will be implementing the new coaching rules released by Valve.

During a match, the coach may only communicate with the players during warm-up, half-time, or during one of four 30 second timeouts that the coach or players can call.

Connection Drop

If a match is interrupted for reasons beyond the control of the participants (e.g. server or player crash), the tournament administration will restore the round using the CSGO’s backup & restore feature, but in some scenarios may decide to replay the round or even a whole match.
• If the issue takes place during the first minute of the round, before any damage has occurred and the opponent or referee has been immediately notified, the round will be restored.
• If the issue takes place during a round and after the damage has been made and the outcome of the round can still be determined (e.g. a single player has dropped but others remain), then the round will not be replayed or restored. The round will continue to be played and will count. Special exceptions can be made if the damage dealt was ruled insignificant e.g. accidental team mate damage dealt at the start of the round or damage dealt to the opposing side by the team that was affected by the crash.
• If the issue takes place during the round, after damage has occurred and the outcome of the round cannot be determined (e.g. due to server crash), the match will be restored to the beginning of the round.
• If the issue takes place during the round, after damage has occurred and the outcome of the round is obvious (e.g. one team is saving with 10 seconds remaining), but it cannot be continued due to for example a server crash, then the round can be awarded.


In case of a draw after all 30 rounds have been played, the match will go into overtime. Teams will stay on the side which they played the previous half on. At halftime teams will once again switch sides. Overtime will be played until a winner is determined.

Overtime will be played with the following settings:

mp_maxrounds 6

mp_startmoney 10000

Tactical Time-Out

Each team can call for FOUR 30 second tactical pauses per match. These pauses will occur at the start of a new round. Both teams must wait for the full 30 seconds before the game resumes.

Technical Time-Out

Players can ask for technical time-outs if there are problems with hardware or in- game. Players must immediately provide a reason for the time-out request. If players do not provide a justifiable reason for the time-out, their opponent can cancel the time-out and play on.

Coaches MAY NOT speak to players during this time. A warning will be given in the event of a violation.


Teams who wish to dispute a match or a player / teams behaviour may do so during or after a match by approaching a tournament admin. Detailed narration and evidence must be provided for the tournament administration to thoroughly investigate the dispute. Once the match is completed and the result is acknowledged by both teams, no further protest will be entertained.

Competition Replay

In the event of a serious dispute, the tournament administration reserves the right to call for a replay of any match. Teams that do not comply with the ruling will be automatically disqualified from the tournament.

Other Competition rules

User License

Media Liability

While in the tournament venue, players must agree to all media requests. Once outside the venue however, all media must have verbal or written consent from players / teams before taking pictures / videos etc


GAM3.ASIA owns, in its entirety, all content associated with the tournament. This includes all content from the live broadcasting signal as well as content from GOTV and POV / Match Demos etc

Participants & Sponsors

All players / teams and sponsors of the tournament have the right to use media obtained during the tournament for promotional use.