1.1 Game: Dota 2

1.2 Important Dates:

Dota 2 Time Schedule

  • Coming soon.

1.3 Game Format
Coming soon…

1.4 General Rules
– Each team is entitled to a maximum of 5 players.
– Every player should have a updated Dota 2 steam account. Borrowing of account is strictly prohibited.
– In the event a team is unable to participate on a stipulated timing during qualifiers, the gaming admin will try to rearrange another time with the consensus of the opponent team. However, if the match is a selected game for streaming, a rearrangement will not be possible. Upon bracket release, teams have 48hours to revert if any rearrangements is required.
– Any form of cheat is strictly prohibited including of any abuse of bug.
– The decision of the gaming admin/referee is final in the event of unforseen circumstances. Appeals are only accepted on a case to case basis.
– Spectators in the lobby is not allowed with the exception of the Gam3asia official crew.
– No change of players will be allowed once the set has started.
– Official communication channel during the online qualifiers is Discord.
– Gam3.Asia reserves the right to change the rules and regulations in the tourney.

2. Lobby and Game Reporting

2.2 Lobby Settings

Lobby Password: Mandatory
Game Name: Optional
Enable Cheats: OFF
Bot Difficulty: Random
Version: Tournament
Series Type: No Series
Game Mode: Captains Mode
Starting Team: Check Game Mode
Penalty-Radiant: None
Penalty-Dire: None
Server Location: Singapore
Spectators: Enable
Dota TV Delay: 2 minutes

2.1 Game Reporting
Captains are required to report on discord 15 minutes before the start of each match. The whole team has to be in lobby 5 minutes before the start of each match. Shortage of member will result in a forfeit of the match.

2.2 Warnings & Penalties
10 minutes late – Level 1 Draft Penalty
15 minutes late – Level 2 Draft Penalty
20 minutes late – Forfeit of the game

Swearing/Taunting of Opponents:                      1 Warning + Level 1 Penalty to Draft
Verbal Abuse of Game Marshal/s:                      1 Warning + Level 1 Penalty to Draft
Intentional Closure of a Game:                           1 Warning + Level 1 Penalty to Draft
Wrong Game Account Usage:                            1 Warning + Level 1 Penalty to Draft
Deception/Lying for Unfair Advantage/s:                        Immediate Disqualification
Incorrect Declaration of Details:                                     Immediate Disqualification
Cheating/Using Known Exploits:                        Immediate Disqualification
Using a Ringer:                                                             Immediate Disqualification
Using Un-Authorized 3rd Party Programs:           Immediate Disqualification
Physical Abuse of Opponent/Game Marshal/s:   Immediate Disqualification**

**: Any Necessary Measures may be taken dependent on the severity of the issue.
2.3 Forfeit of Game
Team Captain can forfeit the match in a written form of communication on lobby chat or the official whatsapp chat with the gaming admin.

3. In game

3.1 Coin Toss
Coin toss will be used to select sides or drafting order.

3.2 Drafting
Game pause is not allowed in drafting unless the drafter disconnects

3.3 Game Pausing
A game pause of more than 5 minutes is not allowed. In the case where a longer pause is required, the gaming admin and the opponent team has to agree to it. Each team is allowed a total of 10 minutes of pausing time.

3.4 Rematch
In the event of a technical problem or server issue, a rematch can be rearranged based on the decision of the gaming admin. When a rematch happens, it will be based on the previous match’s picks and bans.

  1. Coverage and Broadcast Rights
    Gam3.Asia reserves exclusive right to the coverage of the tourney. This includes all forms of transmission, including live broadcasts/streams and other broadcasts including post production work. Gam3.Asia can assign the coverage rights of a match or of several matches to a third party, in this case express permission must be obtained & terms and conditions would have to be arranged with Gam3.Asia before the match. In the event a video or photoshoot of team is required for the tourney, players are required to attend.
  2. Stream
    Official streaming channel is Twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/scoga

6. Prize Money Distribution
All prize money will be made within 30 Days after the finals.